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Basic Science & Huminity Dept.

Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities consists

1.      Engineering Mathematics

2.      Engineering Physics

3.      Engineering Chemistry

                     These departments are part of engineering under graduate courses and started functioning since academic year 1983-84.

                      The First Year Engineering Department is the stepping stone for all budding engineers. It offers a strong foundation for the various engineering branches by providing the students with fundamental knowledge in sciences and awareness of the basic technical skills to be honed in the years to come. It comprises of various disciplines like Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Civil, Mechanical, Electronics & Telecommunications, Computer Engineering.

                                 The department induction program marks the beginning of the semester I. It includes various activities like proficiency module, creative arts and cultural activity, inspirational lectures, universal human values, Tree Plantation, physical activities (yoga, outdoor and indoor games), professional training, etc., to build a strong student teacher relationship which will play a significant role in shaping the career of the student. The notice board keep the student updated about all activities and notices from time to time under various categories like information about FE structure, syllabus, academic calendar, time-table, scholarships, remedial lectures, medical check-ups, results, etc. The Local Guardian  scheme is a very effective system to observe the academic progress of the student. The continuous assessment of the student through various assignments and tests patterns both in College and university level exams have been effective in monitoring the academic progress of the student. Throughout the semester various co-curricular and extracurricular activities are encouraged for the overall development of the student.

Experienced and qualified faculty play a major role in molding the career aspirations of the first year engineering students

The main focus is on the multifarious development of the student for being able to be well equipped to serve the society.

Teaching Staff


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Contact No.

Prof.Sutar P M   [Head Of Dept.]



Prof.Pawar D.S. [Head of IQAC]



Prof.Bhokare V.N.



Prof .Kame R M



Prof.Gade P.R.



Prof.Jetithor Suhas P



Prof .Mrs.Surwase Priya M



Non-Teaching Staff




Post Held

Mrs.Dede Bai

 7th STD


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