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Civil Department

" Civil engineering is the mother branch of engineering. India has produced many civil engineer of the capability of Sir Vishwsariyya. The flow of student is picking up once again towards one of the most versatile engineering branch "

About Us :

The Civil Engineering Department is a double storied building with 936.45 F.Sq. area. Dept. consist of eight laboratories, all are well equipped and spacious. The fluid mechanical lab is housed in separate building and is used by both Civil and Mechanical Students and Faculty.
The department is providing testing services for all engineering materials since a decade. Prof. P.A.Hangargekar , HOD (Civil), Prof. Mrs. C.A. Ghadge have been providing R.C.C. design counsultancy for the Govt. as well as for the private agency. This activity is making progress year by year.
In plant Training is made compulsory for the S.Y. T.Y.and Final Year students. During annual social gathering many civil engineering students succeeded in games like cricket, Foot ball, Kabbadi, Volley boll etc. and Educational tours are arranged by department once in semester.

C.E.S.A (Civil Engineering Student Association)

Activities Under C.E.S.A :

  • Seminar and Workshops are arranged by calling experts from various colleges.
  • For competitive Examination, students are guided by expert faculties.
  • Under T.P.O. (Training and Placement Office) campus interviews are arranged every year for Civil Engineering Students.

  Lab Details

Name of Laboratories

Ares in Sq.M.

Strength of Material


Engg. Mech. & Theory of Structure


Soil Engineering


Transportation Engg.


Engineering Geology


Enviornmental Engg.


Survey Lab


Fluid Mechanical Lab


Computer Lab


Concrete Lab




Fluid mechanics lab.                                                               Engineering geology laboratory


Computer Lab.                                                                      Strength of materials lab


Soil and transportation lab.                                                  Survey lab

  Faculty Details


Email Id

Contact No.

Prof.Hangargekar P.A. [H.O.D]



Prof.Mudkanna R.G. [Vice-principal] omravi111@rediffmail.com 8378855875
Mrs.Ghadage C G ghadge.c@rediffmail.com 9890976305

Prof.Poul D.C.



Prof.Wadane S.C.



Prof.Sagare S.D.



Prof.Pachkawade C.B.



Prof.Mrs.Kohale S.B.



Prof.Raut N.B.



Prof.Miss.Kure Rakhi M rakhikure2504@gmail.com 9657230108
Prof.Shinde Sandeep S shindesandeep269@gmail.com 8605585930
Prof.Ms.Shete Sneha S snehal.shete000@gmail.com 9404216025
Prof.Jawale Suraj surajjawale77@gmail.com 9130549151
Prof.Miss.Phadkule P R phadkulepr@gmail.com 9422935108

Non-Teaching Staff




Post Held

 Shri.C. G. Overikar


 Lab Assistant

 Shri kalekar S A

 10th STD


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Educational Tour

Survey Practical on Road                                               Visit to prestressed concrete Industries at Solapur

Pipe factory Visit at Tamalwadi                                       Educational Trip at Various Places

Civil Department Consultancy Work .

     Trust Resolution for Technical Sanction.

     List of Consultancy work



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