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From The Chairmans Desk

Shri.Kaustubh Diwegaonkar (I.A.S.) District Collector & Chairman Tulja Bhavani Temple Trust, Tuljapur.

Shri Tuljabhavani Temple Trust Tuljapur is running Shri Tulja Bhavani College of Engineering Tuljapur established in 1983, it is one of the  first seven colleges permitted by Government of Maharashtra in private sector.

Our prime objective is to transform rural youth potential into national technical excellence. To achieve goal, Shri Tulja Bhavani Engineering College is flourished with highly competent and experienced teaching faculty members. Which have a sense of commitment towards duties to carve budding engineers to become top class professionals.

The college campus, 17 .22 acre of land is provided with good infrastructure including administrative building, departmental buildings, computerized library, laboratories, sports complex, play grounds, boys and girls hostels and canteen etc. We provide technical education along with opportunity to develop overall personality of students in all aspects. Till date we have trained more than 5000 engineers from varies disciplines who presently are working in India & international level throughout the world. Some of them are excellent entrepreneurs who have developed business empires at various locations in India.

We assure you to provide every opportunity to help you explore your highest potential to bring out the best in you. Wish you all the best with our complete support in your endeavor towards being a competent professional. The Shri Tuljabhavani Temple Trust has offered from this academic year 2017-18 various free ships to meritorious students.