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Incharge Staff

Prof. Doijode S.N

Mechanical Engineering Department Chairman

Prof. Sagare S.D.

Civil Engineering Department Member

Prof. Sutar P.M.

Basic Science & Humanity Department -

Prof. Kame R M

Basic Science & Humanity Department -

Gymkhana committee is the regulatory body governing all sports activities at STBCET.

Students of STBCET engage themselves in many activates and participate at University level and other national sports competition .There is scope for  every aspirant to find his/her choice in different sports activities. Sports department arranges various events to create awareness among the students about the importance of sports and physical fitness and also open areas of career through sports for students. Facilities like ground for different sports, sports materials, gym at hostel are available at the college campus.

Frequently activates like Yoga are conducted with coordination with local arts of living group to relax and meditate of the students. Marathon and NSS camp are arranged for social awareness. In NSS camp social issues like water saving, importance to keep clean environment, issue related ground water level are taken for social awareness and tried  to find the solution for them. Students of STBCET therefore able to keep a the healthy balance between academic and physical growth.